I am Pam, artist and writer for Nature, a EcoTherapy Specialist, and Organic Brand Strategist.  These three "hats" I wear for my primarymission: To help myself and others rediscover Nature's creative intelligence and love.


I consider my.primary employer to be Nature. This does not make me an activist, nor a hippie…although I do hug trees. My belief is that if everyone in modern society stopped being afraid of getting back in touch with their natural selves through Nature, our world would be a much more enjoyable place - we would stop hurting ourselves, each other, and yes, Nature,   Basically, Love...once we learn to love ourselves again through Nature, see ourselves through Nature's eyes, as naturally intelligent, creative human beings, rather than society's molding us into human-doings, life can become much more satisfying, purposeful, and fun on a personal level...which is what we are mainly responsible for, ourselves, then others.  If anything, I hope I inspire others to simply pause, step away from the gerbil wheel of modern society for few moments, and breathe.  Follow the directions in life similar to what the airlines tell us:  place the oxygen mask on ourselves first, then assist others.  You can't give away what you haven't got...so if you are not satisfied or happy in life, take charge of your happiness as your primary business - the rest follows.

So, I claim Nature as my muse, my teacher, my life guide and ultimate nurturer of my human spirit here on earth...and pehaps, beyond (I don't waste precious moments worrying about that, only what good I can do during my earth journey).  I have been learning to balance my Natural mind with today's Human Mind, so I can live in both worlds...I recommend this balance based on my personal experience and that of others I have come across. (It's all in my book if you decide you with to learn how - Natural Self Discovery:  A Creative Journey to Sanity in an Increasingly insane world.

As an artist, designer, teacher, wife and mother, my entire creative process and approach to all facets of life rests upon my natural attractions, not necessarily what is considered "popular" in or human-story world.

My mission is simple:  To share through my art, design, nature activities and stories as inspiration to others to re-claim their inner Nature…their inner love for Nature. We don’t have to look far to know it is very clear we are not loving Nature very much, and from my personal experience, I have learned that is due to us not fully loving ourselves.  If we truly loved ourselves, why would we hurt our life source?  This doesn’t make much sense if you ask me. Once I recovered that inner love, filled the void through Natural Attraction Ecology studies, I increased my ability to love myself, others, and Earth more.  This has brought forth amazing results in my artwork, designs, relationships, and creating a more peaceful life beyond my wildest dreams.

My hope is that I provide a glimpse into a life with more serenity and fulfillment as I have learned directly from restoring my relationship with Nature. This may be through my magnified, surreal, almost exagerrated wonderland-like nature experiences in my art, through my detailed, organic approach to brand design, or through my courses and workshops based on my personal journey and doctorate research in my book: Natural Self Discovery - A creative journey to sanity in an increasingly insane world.   If I inspire even one person to find a more purposeful, meaningful life through a deeper emotional connection with nature, I have done my job during my time on this earth.

I merely offer you Nature's love and light through my art, design work nature stories and upcoming San Juan Island, WA retreats.  I truly hope something inspires you.  If so, please do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts, follow me online at FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or LinkedIn, sign up for my newsletter: "Nature as Muse", Contact me directly, or buy my art (the ultimate showing of love to me).


In Nature's Creative Love and Wisdom, PH

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